Do u like Survival OverDose? When users vote for a server it gains rank on the server lists. Please vote daily and our server will grow. If you are in game when you vote you will get diamonds. New additional prizes will be awarded to top voters. Rewards will be sent to all vote enabled servers, dont forget to use /server name to claim all prizes after you vote!

Top Voters

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Place Name Money
1Vincent_Shana $4,646,932
2jklolMC $4,570,535
3Orbitalspaceman $3,482,753
4PaineReign $3,465,845
5kasa3456yt $3,139,592
6venushydra86 $3,105,529
7amikie $3,033,911
8kaptainkev $2,326,008
9theoclone $2,266,285
10britrocks $2,089,260

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