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Welcome to the Survival OverDose server guide. This guide is designed to help new members learn more about the server, the warps, things to do, and tips and tricks. Survival OverDose has been public for about one year now. It is a home server, not a paid monthly server, so you will never be pressured for donations or hear we're closing cause we can’t pay our bills. If you join us, the stuff you build will always be available to you. Just log on and enjoy. Other than the recent down time due to a domain name issue, we have been up 99% all year.

Survival overdose has shown incredible growth over its first year, and for new members it can be a little confusing at first. When you first join, you will be placed in the hub. It’s important for new users to understand that they are actually joining a group of 5 separate servers: Hub, survival, pvp, games and skyblock. You can change servers at the hub by walking into the portal of the server you would like to travel to. Each server (other than the hub server) has a portal to get to hub; you can find it near the /spawn of each server.

You should also know that money, ranks, votes and player statistics are shared across all the servers, so if you have $10,000 in survival, you will have it in PvP and Skyblock too. Also, if you do /vote and vote, you will receive rewards on all servers, not just the one you are on. Examples of things that are NOT shared include : inventory, xp level, jobs and job level.

The chat is shared on all servers and the tab list is as well. If a player’s name starts with a (g) in the chat box, it means he is on another server. You can chat with him in the chat window globally, but you can NOT /msg or /tpa him because he is not on the same server as you.

The hub is the place where all the different servers join together. Here, you need to pick what type of server you would like to start with.

I strongly recommend all new guests start by going to survival. This is our first world and the most popular server. Here is a brief rundown of each server and what you will find there (as of March 10th 2014).

The Servers


As mentioned, our first original server was made available to the public around February 2013. But the survival world was started when Minecraft first came out. Now it’s a full out Bukkit server with over 40 plugins and a world that has a border radius of 45,000 BLOCKS! *DIES* may even be the biggest world in the world????

Maps on Website

Heres a list of plugins/features of survival server:

- Simply use the golden spade to claim your land and protect from griefers.

- If you forget to claim or /trust someone who ends up robing you, admins can rollback any damage that was done and temp ban or ban the bad guy.

- Maps -- >Dynmap and Overviewer on website

- Custom Biomes

- over 15 ranks that are shared across all servers. Chances to rank up by playing and voting not just $$ donations.

- Jobs and fair sell price on farm items(will discuss further down in guide).

- Economy system, chest shops and a market.

- Anti Cheat Plugins : If you cheat you will be caught and temp ban or ban. Promotes fair play.

- Mobs and players have health bars.

- Horse plugin to buy, protect, upgrade and transport horses

- For 1 single vote you will receive 3 survival diamonds + 1 pvp diamond + 1 skyblock diamond. Simply do /vote and click on links.

- You can rent a hotel if your new and need a place to stay.

- Not all the players you see are real we have added bots to help new players and for entertainment at the Casino.

- Gamble with Casino Slots.

- Never ending public rails.

- Kits including fireworks for all!

PvP Faction:

This was the second server, and it opened in the late summer of 2013. Obviously Factions is the most important part of this server. If you're reading this and don’t know what factions are, and what the plugin does, seriously, stop right now and go look it up. It’s a ton of fun if u like PvP style play! There are some little things and twists we’ve added that we think maybe you’d enjoy.

Fair play was the most important thing here… nobody gets anything for free, even the owners and staff can't give handouts or put players in creative. So if you want something, you must mine or enchant it yourself. There is a basic market to buy food and iron tools only. We were also thinking of making it kind of like a drug server. You can now farm in pvp, and IF u make it back to spawn, you can sell it for double of what its worth in survival server.

- Staff can’t help u here and have no special perms! It’s a harsh deadly world almost no rules(see rules). Promotes fair play.

- 2 worlds: 1 normal biome, 1 custom biome.

- Anti Cheat Plugins : If you cheat you will be caught and temp ban or ban(including staff). Promotes fair play.

- Health Bars on all mobs and players

- Live player to player Auctions


Part of the games server has been running for a few months. We started with mob arena on survival server and Hunger Games on PvP server, but now they have moved to games server as of March 2014. We are currently developing this server and will change weekly. You have to join and check for new stuff.

- Full HungerGames Plugin with new arenas.

- Fight Mobs as a team in the Mob Arena.

- Team vrs Team Guns Mini game just added.

- Parkour plugin just added.


We just added skyblock in March 2014. We are currently developing this server and will change weekly. You have to join and check for more info.

Survival Bible: Surviving OverDose Style

General server behavior and facts of world:

Mobs are on hard, so you probably don’t want to go outside at night with no armor.

If you play on some other survival servers you’ll notice you cannot use many of the items that involve fire. Here we believe that all our members will be responsible with these items. You can place fire, lava and, tnt. Please check and follow the rules or you will get banned.

Land protection : Use a gold spade by right-clicking opposite corners of the land you’d like to protect. You can also stand in this claim and type “/trust (name of your friend)”.

Making money : Easy way:

- /jobs has many jobs you can do that pay a lot such as miner, digger, farmer, hunter, and many others. Payment is sent to player every 5 minutes.

- join the job farmer and also sell the produce at the market for your bonus pay!

When you join the survival server you will start at spawn. Pictures worth 1000 words

If you would like to start to freebuild we have a wide variety of biomes and warps preselected for your enjoyment.

Here are some of the warps I’d like to show you guys… unfortunately I can’t show them all you’ll have to come see for yourselves.


Windermere is one of my personal favorite places to show people because it’s so awesome looking.


The Casino is one of my favorite places to be. Not only does it have functioning slot machines, but I can also do a lot of other stuff like: shopping for best enchanted books, items, or heading up to the 3rd floor for a little R&R and watch the dancers and party. There will also be hotels and condos for rent and sale on the upper floors soon.

Hotel Slums

The slums is one of many places a new person can stay

This is the start of the server guide. We will add more soon. If you would like a tour please join

game server =

Web =

As we add new stuff to server we will make changes, and expand this guide to include help on commands and more information on the other servers.

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