UUID Conversion

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UUID Conversion

Postby stephsss » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:42 am

there was 2 issues with grief prevention in the past year.

1. about 7 months ago one of the updates automatically erased some older claims. We did not notice this for weeks so unfortunately could not simply restore a backup and decided to keep as is. With CoreProtect its easy to roll back grief anyway :D

2. the uuid conversion went south and some of the older claims were changed to admin claims due to the fact we used to run in offline mode and the uuid is not the same.

if you were affected by this issue please let us know the location and your in game name and we will return it to you asap!

if your claim is gone completely please ask staff for help in game.

sorry if this has caused any inconvenience you can be compensated with IGM

all issues are fixed with GP at the moment!

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